File management

Hi all,

Just wondering with Cubase LE4 (32 bit on Windows XP), is there any easy way to get rid of the audio files I’m not actively using in my project? In a bid to save space/tidy up my hard drive (I know memory is cheap, but cheap is a relative concept and I’m a poor student :blush: ).

Eg. I’ve got a heap of dud wav files from bass parts I decided to not use in the song, or that I played too many bum notes on to be useful.

I have tried manually deleted the ones I’m not actually using, but when I open the project in Cubase I still get a notice coming up saying ‘couldn’t find the following files: blah blah’, which I find disconcerting - makes me paranoid I’ve deleted the wrong things, and I also don’t really get why my Project cares that I deleted those files that it wasn’t using anyway…

Is there some option where you can somehow get Cubase to ‘purge’ all the wav files it’s not currently using in the project, or some such?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes indeed there is…

Look in the pool, right click and select remove unused media or similar command and select delete. Remember to save after, to stop the cant find message next time you open that project.

Look up the manual for “The Pool” for other features that come in handy.