File name bug or misunderstanding?

I want to render out some variations for a client on a mastering session. I find that when I append the file name with a number in the Name field, Wavelab ignores that and saves it without the appended number. Is this a bug or is it that when you have “Unchanged Name” selected as I do here, it ignores the file name you type in? If this is the case, how should I have it set to allow me to manual append file names?

I think you might be using my settings. Take a look at what “Unchanged Name” is really doing if you try to edit it.

I have another one called “Unchanged File Name” that might work better for you.

I tend to let the markers or CD-Text define the rendered file name when rendering a WAV or mp3 of each album track, and then use the Naming Scheme to add. things like V2, V3, 2496, etc.

Ok yes that was it. I think I’m understanding the power of the edit screen in the naming scheme. I can see a lot of potential for good workflows. Thanks for pointing me to that!

Exactly. This way, you can let the (ideally) accurate track name be the source of the rendered file name, and you can use the Naming Scheme to add on to it if you need to, or add a Numeric Prefix such as 01, 02, etc.

There are A LOT of possibilities there depending on how you like to work and what you need to do.


The power of WaveLab

Great stuff, I’ll look into that, thanks!