file name when rendering issue/question

when i render montages i use a list of presets that i often export to… individual WAV files, vinyl side track groups, etc. i use custom naming schemes to get each rendered file to have the naming convention i want.

however, it doesn’t seem to be working now for my single-file vinyl side export scheme. attached is a screenshot to show how i have it set up, yet when i render, the resulting file is just called SIDE A and contains no artist name or anything. it even previews correctly as you can see in the scheme box… yet the resulting file, as i said, is only “SIDE A”

is this a bug or am i doing something wrong in creating this naming scheme?


My guess is that this is because you are rendering a CD Track Group which doesn’t understand CD-Text and where to get the info from.

It is interesting that the preview is correct though. Maybe PG will know for sure how it works behind the scenes.

hmm… interesting, thanks…

thing is, i could swear that it USED to work… i wonder if it broke in the last update…

Seems to be bug, sorry.

dang, OK… but happy to report it… hope it can be squashed in the next update.