File open dialog - detailed versus list view (Windows)

This may be a windows 10 problem rather than a Dorico problem. I have all my folders in Windows set to list view (no matter the type of folder). When I use the open file dialog in Dorico it had been opening in list view as I want it to. For some reason today every time I go to open a file I’m seeing the detailed view. I can’t get it to return to list view. The only thing I did different today was specify the folder location when preparing to export PDF files. (That dialog opened in detailed view and since then the file dialog in Dorico is in detailed view). Any suggestions on how to get back to list view?

I think you could click on “View” in Windows Explorer topline menu and select “List” from the drop down.

I know I can change the view, but I’d like to always open in list view. Since my original post I’m finding that it is going back to list view for some folders. I suspect it’s a windows thing.


This seems to work for me.

I have set all my folders to list view, but every once in a while the file dialog switches to detailed view even though my settings in windows are set for list view. I first noticed the issue when selecting the folder output for exporting pdf files. That dialog opened in detailed view and then the file open dialog started opening in detailed view.