File renaming problem

I have a bunch of audiofiles which are named “filename_1” , “filename_2” etc.
I rename them to “filename” and it looks allright in the pool and the name in the left top of the arrange window.
But the clips now have the name "filename_1 “(filename)” .
Why is that - and how do I get rid of the “filename_1” and just keep “filename” ?

Initially when you add an Audio Clip you will have two fields associated with the clip name. One is the Filename, which is the name of the actual file out in the OS. This cannot be changed from the Info Line in Cubase. The second is a Description field. By default the Description field initially has the same text as the Filename. But this field is fully editable and can be changed to any text you like. Whatever text you have there is the ‘name’ of the Clip. If the Clip’s name and Filename are different then you will see the Clip’s name followed by the Filename in parenthesis (like Bar 1 below). This lets you know what file each Clip comes from while also allowing you to give Clips meaningful names like “Chorus”, “Mike’s ad lib”, etc. When they are both the same (like Bar 2) then you just see the Clip’s name.

When you renamed the files after creating the Clips you caused the two fields to become different. You could rename the Descriptions to match the Filenames. If you are on Pro the Project Logical Editor might be handy if you have a lot of them. Or you could ignore it, which would be my choice.

I didn’t have the description field activated and I didn’t know about it.
Deleting it solved the problem!
Thank’s Raino :hugs:

Just to clarify the Description field is always “active” and can’t be turned on or off. However its visibility on the Info Line can be turned on/off.