File Saver error on Mac and no input


I am having two different issues with Dorico at the moment:

  1. I have a document that will only save if I do a save as, I get an error message with the normal save command. This has occurred since I created it. I think I’m on save as number 17, now.

  2. Different document, happily entering notes, all of a sudden it won’t let me enter any more notes.
    a) It lets me edit the notes that are in the document.
    b) I can repeat the last measure, thus adding measures.
    c) Dorico is doing something that I haven’t seen before, which is to put a multimeasure rest at the end of the document and the notation to tacet until the end of the piece. However, I was still able to enter notes until it decided to stop letting me.
    d) It doesn’t matter if I use the MIDI keyboard or the computer keyboard for note input. I can’t select durations or input notes.
    e) This document seems to have no problems saving. :stuck_out_tongue:

Loving Dorico otherwise. :slight_smile:


Jeff, could you please send me the file that’s causing the error on saving? My email address is d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Please include a link to this thread to remind me what I’m supposed to be looking at!

For your other project, try turning off the ‘Show multi-bar rests’ option on the Players page of Layout Options to see if that helps. If not, send me that project too.