File "songName" does not exist. Do you want to remove it ?

Has anyone else seen this error? But it actually opens fine when going to Open>filename…

Is there a fix for this? I am running the Latest version of 7.5 albeit I might upgrade to 8 tonight.

File "songName" does not exist. Do you want to remove it from the recent file list?

Anyone else get this issue?

Yes, I’ve had this, but only after I’ve either:
a) moved the song to a different folder.
b) backed up the completed project to its own folder/final resting place and then deleted the working folder.
Instead of file - open - recent, try the Steinberg Hub option - this gives you the path of the song file as well as its name - it may well make you realise that you’ve been moving files about.
Or I could be mistaken :slight_smile:
Hope that helps

Apologies for error above - my file - recent shows the path as well. Hope I haven’t thrown a red herring into your problem.

You know what I might of created a folder and created a slight move… Thanks… I will check that!