File transfers between Nuendo PC & Nuendo Mac

Trying to do a search on this proved fruitless. The SE just flagged every word and buried me in no direct info on my question. So, I’ll just ask you guys directly.

Are there any issues one has to look out for when transferring files between Mac & PC versions of Nuendo? Also, are there any really big issues working between N4 & N5 on those different platforms?


If you use version 4 and 5 on PC and Mac you might run into problems when you use “special characters”.
It’s a good idea to restrict yourself to using only alphanumerical characters for audio files and names.
Also you should keep in mind that Nuendo for Intel on Mac lacks some of the plugins that are still available for 32 bit PC. (like SPL deesser).
IF you use 32 bit Nuendo on PC you must keep in mind that you might run into memory issues slightly earlier than on OS X.
Keep in mind that you will not be able to use the functions / plugins of N5 when opened in N4. I haven’t tried to open N5.5 projects in N4 and only briefly tried to open a N5 session in N4 but it SEEMED to work well.

Since the eLicenser works on both platforms and you can safely install both applications next to one another on the same machine (on the mac you can even run both at the same time) it might be a good idea to install 5 on both machines.

If project files show incompabilities you could also try track exports…

Good luck, it should not be that much of a problem.



Fine here, we use v5.5 on Macs (primarily) and on a PC. We transfer sessions back and forth, they work with a few caveats -

All the items Oliver mentioned - filenames, plugins, memory consumption (a huge issue for us before 64bit).

The I/O does not always get transferred correctly - we use dual-madi RME systems and for whatever reason something as simple as 128 in and out does not transfer correctly, probably because on the PC it’s a single device and on the Mac it’s an Aggregate Device. Not hard to correct however.