Filename behavior: Mac

On a Mac, I am accustomed to being able to the following:

  • CMD+click the proxy icon in the title bar of a document;
  • select the enclosing folder of the document I am working in
  • select the file I am working in, hit RETURN and rename the file;
  • the filename in the title bar of the document I am working in is updated to reflect the name change.

When I follow the above steps in Dorico, what appears to happen is:

  • A new file is created with the new filename, but the open project in Dorico is not this file;
  • The open window continues to show the original file;
  • upon saving, a file with the original filename is saved;
  • I can close the open window, and select the ‘newfile’ in the Finder, and Dorico will open it. It will not reflect any changes made after the file was named.

Now that I know this, I can avoid problems in the future, but this has caused me to lose changes and misplace files. Will this behavior ever be brought into line with macOS standards?

Because Dorico is built on the cross-platform Qt application framework, not all of these OS-specific behaviours are handled automatically, but I agree that it would be nice if they could be. Unlike apps built using Apple’s own APIs directly, we have to do extra work to support these kinds of OS behaviours, and it’s certainly worth us doing at some point, but it’s probably not something that will happen immediately.

That makes sense. Thanks for explaining, Daniel.