Files compatibility

I’ve recorded a lot of files/projects/songs, with Cubase 3.6 and windows 98, from 1999 to 2005.
The audio card was a Pulsar integrated, with mixer and 4 dsp.
The converter was A16 Creamware.
A wonderfull studio!

My recording pc now is broken and I can’t ripair it (scasi model).
I have to riplace also the integrated audio card.

Please help me about the following chances:

  1. If I buy “only” the hardware UR824 (not the Cubase 8), does the 3.6 work?
    Is Windows H7 (my new pc) compatible with UR824?
    May I import the old files and manage them for new editing, of course with my Cubase 3.6?
    The UR824 riplace my old Pulsar card and the A16 converter?
    What the difference between UR824 e UR24 B-Stock?

  2. If I buy the pack UR824+Cubase 8, may I manage and edit the old cubase 3.6 files?