files went missing during mixing


I am working on a 4 track recording
two guitars, a keyboard and drum
whilst editing and mixing the parts I had recorded I muted everything except the keyboard.
when I returned to hear what the tracks sounded like together both guitar pieces had been deleted.
I checked the pool and reverted to a previously saved version but they have disappeared.
when I close down the system then restart - cubase tells me it is locating missing files - then shows me a list of files asking me to resolve the issue by choosing one.
the list of files it shows me are the same files I have already looked at in the pool.
and there is nothing of guitars in the pool - only the name where they were - no actual recordings.

is there any way of restoring these missing files?
any advice would be greatly appreciated


The question is, how these files were deleted. Maybe you could find them in the Trash bin. If not, you could use some tools to search for them on your HDD even if they were “completely deleted”.

the trash in the pool is much the same as the pool itself. where there should be an image of the file there isn’t, but, there is the information pertaining to the file; length, time, date and so forth - simply no image and no recording.

I scanned the c drive and found nothing.
I save all of my projects on to the c drive.

it’s a mystery. mid midi edit the two guitar parts simply disappeared.

I’m hoping my neighbors haven’t absconded again and returned to their natural alien forms taking with them my guitar parts to regions unknown to the likes of me for fear of my actually benefiting from this artistic society we have created.

thanks for the response.


I was thinking anout the trash bin of your system (Windows?).

You obviously somehow deleted something that Cubase was directed to. Could have been a simple file on your Desktop. When you start a project, make sure to define a folder where it is saved to. You can run in to problems like this if you use the default ‘Cubase Projects’ folder and do not start a new project with a separate folder.

As Martin suggested, look in your Windows Trash Bin. Hopefully you can find the files. But you may have just learned an important lesson in file management. The lesson learned is to keep your files in order. It is really easy to remove things if your default folder for new projects shares the same Audio folder. You could add a simple track that is saved to your desktop, and if you delete that file, Cubase can’t find it. Or just deleting part of another project that has the same named wav file. Like ‘Audio 01_144’ could be used by any project. If Cubase loses the source of that file, then you have deleted the source of it after it was recorded. Good luck finding it unless you named it something completely unique.

Every time you start a new project; create a new folder and name it! Otherwise you can end up at this point where you are guessing what happened.

Hopefully you can find the files in your trash bin. Best of luck there man. :slight_smile: