filling empty events?

Is it possible to tell Nuendo to fill empty events with a specific audio file?

For example… I have a session that has been spotted somewhere else, there are named empty events on tracks that are already routed correctly etc etc… Currently, I’m using the empty events as guides and moving my work up to the correct tracks after I create it. But I’m wondering if it’s possible to skip this step… or if I’m able to “fill event with xyz” or something like that…

Doable? how?

Yes, I’m just blowing this one out of my…well… let’s say I haven’t tried it.

But-- have you tried converting the events to parts, and then dropping your clips into them? I think that would work.

EDIT– never mind the above-- just took a break to refresh, and it looks like I was still living back in Cubase VST land. In Nuendo it’s much simpler:

Double-clicking on your empty audio event will open up the Part Editor, into which you can drop whatever file you’d like, in the defined space.