Film Composer Deliverables Question: Hi Res or Standard?

I was wondering what kind of formats you film/media composers were delivering now for your “All In” projects. Are your clients requesting 88.2/96K 24 bit files for Blu-Ray production, or are you still getting mostly 48K requests for final delivery of your scores/songs?

With so much web production now and final content is a stream, is Blu-Ray on the way out? What’s happening in your market?

48 was requested for last week’s informercial. All voice pickups and some ADR sent to production house in LA for final assembly.

Do you know if anyone is requesting 88.2 or 96K specifically for a Blu-Ray project? Or could you get away with 48K being upsampled to 96K?

I don’t know… The shows that get aired on the cable tv network from here is 1080p and the requested audio format for that is 24bit x 48kHz. I may be wrong, but I would think the house would want native format 96 or 192 for BD instead of up-sampling. I never assume anything though. I ask the house I’m working with since I am usually the middle-man. I’m sure one of the guys deeper in post work could fill ya in.