Film Music offset: negative bars and re-assigning bar 0

Dear Forum,

in a film music project I need more space with negative bars on the left for dragging out the film´s ultimate event start to the left. After adding some more negative measures, the bar 0 was moved to the right. Music is already written and arranged and in Sync. I want to make sure that the film-audio and film-video is in Sync aligning the start of both events. At some point I messed this up.

As there is no chance to UNDO the addition of negative bars.

  1. How to add more time to the Left
  2. How to re-bar (bar -2 should become bar 0 again)


Does this help?

Display Bar Offset


Dear mlindeb,

Thx for your quick response. Will dig into this and get back with my experiences.

The time insert method is perfect here. THe whole arrangement moves to the right in relation to the film which is exactly what I intended.

The bar 1 worked also with the offset settings and 0:00 min I will figure out next

THX so much Best