Film Music Scoring: Streamers, Punches and Flutters


I was wondering whether Cubase 7 provided in the Marker track/tool an option in order to show Streamers, Punchers and Flutters and how they were named in Cubase.

They are available in Logic and in DP8 as well.

Thanks million! :smiley:

This would be Nuendo feature, so not in Cubase.

I got it. It would be great have it in Cubase as well.

I agree. I don’t have high expectations on getting it, it was introduced this year into Nuendo, I believe. It couldn’t hurt to post a feature request in that forum though.

I posted the request in the proper section of the forum. I am not a programmer, I have no idea whether it would be a huge work that feature or a tool they may include in the future. I just think that for Score Composers would be very useful and for the Orchestras as well.

According to Film Music Scoring: do you know a way to show two time displays?

I mean, I noticed it was possible show time code which I can change in bars but I did not find a way to show both of them in the same time. I usually keep them in the bottom of the main screen.

The Transport Panel always shows two time displays, you can configure what they show right in the panel.

Currently I create my own streamers and punches for the timecoded video in Vegas Pro, render out that copy and use it to compose to.