"Filter: All dynamics" re-selects those that have been deselected (when grouped)

To reproduce:

  • Start with empty file, add a player, add some notes.
  • Add a dynamic group (“p<f”).
  • Select everything.
  • Deselect the “f” by Ctrl+Click on it.
  • Apply filter: Keep all dynamics.

Result: Not only are all the dynamics filtered, but the previously manually deselected item has been reselected again.

I stumbled upon this while cleaning up some XML-imported data: I selected everything within some bars across a couple of staves, Ctrl-Clicked on the (few) dynamics that I knew I wanted to keep, applied the filter, and pressed the delete key. I was quite surprised that the items I had manually deselected before applying the filter had vanished, so I started to investigate…

Maybe this could be a feature somehow to always select the whole group of dynamics, but in my case it actually was somewhat dangerous. In my use case, I would expect a filter to act only on the items actually being selected when invoked, not extending the selection by itself.

Thanks as always for listening :slight_smile:

Maybe I don’t understand, but couldn’t you apply the filter, and then deselect the “f” afterwards? It seems “Keep all dynamics” will include anything that’s grouped together, which to me seems like a good idea.

Of course I could do it the other way around.
I just wanted to state that when you do it the way I did it, suddenly things are selected again that were not previously. In other words, you have to be aware of the dangers of doing it one way to decide that you should do it (or have done it) another way :wink:
Had I not immediately checked the result and spotted the error, or if the manually deselected items had been out of screen I would have run into problems without me even knowing.

The problem even shows up when you don’t manually deselect things but if the selection includes only a part of a group. (Read: The dynamics group “reaches out” of the selected area.)
See this example:
I only clicked into the first bar, selecting the notes and the piano. When I now activate “filter all dynamics”, the piano, the crescendo, and the forte get selected, because this has been defined as a group.

This seems quite unexpected to me, but others might dissent of course.
(Meanwhile, I removed the word “Bug?” from the thread title, as I would categorise it as “Maybe only unexpected, but potentially dangerous”.)

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I have noticed this too, and it wasn’t what I wanted, but I understand the logic, so I learned to expect it.