filter behaviour in H3 import


could anyone please confirm:

  1. open H4
  2. load a program that was made with H3

result: the program plays back fine, but the filter cutoff pot has no effect on the sound. (the filter remains in the state it has been in the H3 program and cannot be changed)
I didn’t find a workaround yet

thanks + regards, greque

check to see if the filter has been put in bypass mode. I have found certain imported patches will do this by having the speaker icon with a line through it being yellow in colour, showing it is bypassed, try clicking this to turn it off. It is to the top right of the filter section, to the left of the presets drop down menu.

ok, here’s the workaround:

right click on the filter pot - ‘forget quick control’.

cheers, greque

thanks alot for that!
i posted here earlier about that without any response and had given up on it.
how did you find out?

maybe you also know why it sometimes wont let you select the edited sound via midi-mapping (even though its on) ?