Filter ~ Select Notes By Time-Value

Regarding the Edit > Filter feature, I wonder if this is complete now or if there are plans to add further options.

I am thinking, in particular, of the option to filter a selection of, or all notes, by time value, e.g. crotchets, or quavers in the score. I think this would be a really useful option. For example, I am certain there are others like myself who had a change of mind regarding note values and wanted to change, say, crotchets to quavers. Also, this would be an invaluable tool to add articulations to a selection or all notes of a set time-value, e.g. quavers.

We already have the option to filter notes by pitch and with accidentals so I think it would be a really useful progression to include notes by time-value.

I know and respect that the Dorico team have a clear development map and, perhaps, this is on the horizon already which would be great.

It’s already on the backlog. See for instance.

Thanks Pianoleo,

This is good news; looking forward to it. :smiley: