Filter the notes of the second level

Hi, sorry for the question, how do you proceed to make only the notes that are in the second level visible and hiding those of the first level?
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Watch this video

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Hi, maybe I have not explained myself well and as an example I will use Finale.
On Finale, if I want to make only the second level visible, simply select the command “Show the active level” and in this way on a bicordo divided into 2 levels, only one level is displayed.
Here are 2 levels (fig. 1)

Selecting and choosing only the 2nd level:

Only the second level appears:

How do you recreate it in Dorico?

Dorico doesn’t have a feature exactly equivalent to this. Can you say a bit more about what your underlying requirement is. Why do you want to hide one of the voices altogether?

My fault, because I still haven’t quite figured out how to move a series of notes placed on one level to another staff.
So for the moment I tend to select the notes and copy-paste, but I would like to highlight them and avoid selecting notes that are not part of this layer.
By hiding the level I am not interested in, the ones I want to move remain highlighted.

You can filter up-stem voices or down-stem voices… You can even assign a keyboard shortcut for those (I use them a lot). There’s no “level” concept in Dorico (or layer, IIRC).


To follow up on @MarcLarcher Edit > Filter > Voices
Select all the notes then do the filter.


Thank you very much… :slight_smile: