Filter Tracks Type = hide FOLDERS (not their content !)


for orchestral soundtrack i use a massive template with over 500 VSTi that are named, colored, routed, preeqed/mixed/fxed for my personal use etc. and all tracks are set unactive.
of course all are in multiple folders, subfolders etc. i just search for the ones i want and activeate them.

but when i want to display all used active tracks at the end of my work i can have like 100 tracks but 32 folders !!!
folders take a lot of space in the edit window.
i would love to be able to HIDE them from the edit window but not their content. i don’t know how to do that ?

Not possible

Thanks then let’s make it request what do you think ?

Well Personally I don’t think it makes sense to do that (logically) at all.
But in a way, practically and space wise, I do understand why you would want it. But as the folder is the defining structure for the content (tracks) to be shown/hidden it wouldn’t be logical for the folders to be hidden and only the tracks (or some of them) to be visible.
In that case I would stop using folders as it seems like you really do not want to use them in the first place.
Or am I misunderstanding something in your thought process?

Is what you are asking for basically a way to temporarily hide the graphical folder tracks but keeping them as organizational tools?

Yes. I need the folders to organise of course.
It works fine. But sometimes to clear up visibility beeing able to remove those lanes although they are still there would be useful to me.