Filter voice(s) shortcut(s) please

I’m finding myself going to “Edit > Filter > Voices > All downstem voices” quite a lot, lately, mainly for deletion (I’m simplifying a piano reduction at the moment) so I thought I’d assign a keyboard shortcut to it.

To my horror, it’s not there! There seems to be a Filter > Voice option in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog, but it does nothing whatsoever. Likewise the Filter > Notes and Chords option.

I’m guessing filtering individually numbered voices is a pain, given sometimes there’s only one and theoretically there could be hundreds, but assignable shortcuts for all upstem and all downstem voices really would be helpful.

You will be able to assign a shortcut to filter All Up-Stem Voices and All Down-Stem Voices in the forthcoming minor update, but you won’t be able to assign shortcuts to the numbered voices.

Fantastic - thank you.

While we’re on the subject, when copying and pasting filtered Notes & Chords is it by design that all staff text (dynamics,Shift-X text, lyrics etc.) are deleted, or is this subject to change?

Would it be possible to create a toggle type of shortcut? Something like shift-alt-v would filter out voice 1 when first pressed, if pressed again it would remember the previous selection and filter out voice 2 instead, and then voice 3 etc until all the voices represented in the selection were filtered. It would finally reselect all voices. The system would be reset when the selection is changed.

This would be much faster than using the mouse.

Whatever material is in the same voice as the pasted material will be overwritten if it has no duration (which things like dynamics, text items, lyrics etc. typically do not). I expect that we will refine this behaviour somewhat in the future as time allows.

Quick update: I’ve fudged my own keyboard shortcuts for filtering upstem and downstem voices. Quick demo here:

On Mac it’s possible to set a global keyboard shortcut to activate the menu bar (via System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Keyboard > Move focus to the menu bar). I set that to Ctrl-Shift-Cmd-M, something that’ll never interfere with any other software I use - primarily as on Mac the Ctrl key almost never gets used.
I built a quick set of actions in Keyboard Maestro that does the following:

Just thought I’d throw it up here as it may be a useful basis for (users!) building other functions while they’re missing from Dorico’s own keyboard shortcuts.

Hello, i am new with KM …
i use a music writing soft (dorico and sibelius too) and i just want to use a 2nd midi keyboard for using it for keystroke but when i use this midi keyboard it is working but it sending it same time the midi note i press, so i don(t want to see this note in my score when i am writing.
for exemple i press note n° 48 for choose the 4beat note but i don’t want to have the c2 (N°48) written in the score. How can i use just the stoke without the midi note transmission please ?
A solution could be that dorico let us choosing the port and the midi channel for midi acquisition, so we can use a keyboard for enter the note and a second keyboard for choosing the parameter

As far as I’m aware it’s not currently possible to tell Dorico to interpret midi information from two midi keyboards in different ways. However, it’s totally possible to use a single MIDI keyboard (preferably at least a few octaves long) to input both notes AND keystrokes. You’ll need to acquaint yourself with the MIDI Learn function within the Keyboard Shortcuts section of Preferences.

ok, i have seen this, but i would like to have my 2nd 88 key keyboard, for a maximum of possibility/ so i will use the computer key for the value and the 2nd keyboard for other tips ,
thank you,

Another alternative seems to be MetaGrid from Metasystems, although I haven’t tried it. You should be able to customized an iPad with Keyboard Shortcuts as you see fit for control of Dorico.