Filtering by color


I often use the Opacity feature of the Color floating palette, in the Mac, to mark elements that can’t be hidden, but shouldn’t appear in the final score. For example, dynamic marks used only for playback, but not to be printed.

Is there a way to select all the elements with a certain color/opacity? This would help me make them completely transparent before printing.


It’s not a direct answer to your question, but there’s a property for hiding immediate dynamics: once hidden, they appear as signposts but aren’t printed. Some (but not all) items have dedicated “hide” properties, including playing techniques and time signatures.

Hi Lillie,

Thank you for the hint. I use this feature a lot, but unfortunately this doesn’t work for cresc./dim. hairpins – or, at least, I’ve not found a way to hide them. So, at the moment, it seems that I can only make them more transparent.


You can create dynamics that won’t appear in Write mode in the dynamics lane in Play mode.

Thanx, Daniel. That’s true, and I use the Play mode lanes for fine-tuning dynamics. However, sometimes (more than some…) being able to insert fake dynamic marks right in the score is much faster, and easier to read (as if you were writing your remarks in a conductor score).

Hence, my request either to be able to also hide them (preferred option), or at least have a fast way of selecting objects by color properties, so to be able to mass-edit them.


An alternative way to deal with the ‘pseudo-hidden’ hairpins: using either the dashed or dotted style, depending on the one you are not using as an editorial mark somewhere.

I would tend to use dashed for editorial (noticed that the original score has a mistake in dynamics? write it with a dashed hairpin!), dotted for my own playing directions.


Is there a way to select all notes I’ve colored, say, purple, and change them to, say, red?

Unfortunately not, no. There’s no way to filter items by colour at the moment.