Filtering By Player En Mass

Dear All,

I’m just wonder if, in Engrave Mode, there is a way to filter all music frames by Player at the same time.

I can command select (Mac) all music frames but instantiating a player in one frame does not reflect across all selected frames.

I would really love to be able to do this!

Also, while searching this idea I came across a thread that mentioned Filtering by frames. Is this possible? I don’t see that in my filter list.

Thank you all for your time and thoughts.

Man, I love Dorico!

Can you explain what you’re aiming to achieve?

It may be that you have an intricate score that demands manual intervention on each frame; in which case, pure probably going about it the right way. I wonder if it’s possible to set the filter at the master page level - if so, that would then apply to every page that uses that master page (template).

On the other hand, it may be that you haven’t found the Hide Empty Staves solution within Layout Options, or that you’re not aware that each Layout can have a different selection of players shown.

Thanks Pianoleo,

What I am doing is a workbook for band players. I aim to create a seperate book for each transposing instrument - Concert, B flat, E flat, Bass clef etc.

I have made flows with all of the players/music and in engrave mode I have text frames alternating with music frames. I would like to be able to swap the player specific music out in all frames in one go, rather than selecting and changing each one at a time. In this way I can quickly change the booklet from Concert to B flat, E flat and bass clef and then print a copy out of each.

Does that make sense?

Hide empty staves will not work, perhaps setting the filter at the master page level is the ticket. I had not thought of that!

I just checked and I have made a blank master page following Anthony’s instructions from this video: so unfortunately it seems that this won’t work.

What happens if, in Setup mode, you right click on your layout, deselect the Bb instrument and select the Eb instrument?

Now that’s interesting…

If I have all of the players in the music frames in engrave mode then I can deselect them as you said in setup mode and it works across the whole book!

This works, thanks very much Leo, awesome :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Long term it strikes me that what you actually want is a “Copy Layout” feature - something that many of us want.
In the interim, hopefully you can make this work with what I’ve suggested.

To swap all the instruments out in one go, would using one layout with a single player for the entire book be the solution and then

  • use the Change Instrument option for the player,
  • check the spacing, etc. for the instrument,
  • print to PDF, and then
  • change to the next instrument?

(I suggest trying this on a copy of your file for safety’s sake.)

Derrek’s idea is possibly better than mine, depending on whether there are note differences or just transposition differences between instruments.

Dear Sadhaka,

To filter by frames, you have to either create a Local frame, or click on an existing Master frame (the first drop down selector), and choose Unlink. The frame will now be changed to a Local frame, where you can filter players, and/or flows.

The other way to get filtering is to edit the Master Page in Engrave Mode (by double-clicking on the Master Page “First” or “Default”) and select the filtering options.

I’m in total agreement with you on the “love” for Dorico!!!
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Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 9.36.03 AM.png

Sorry to drag out an old thread but I referred back to this last night for my own interest.

Derrek, this is an awesome way to do what I need. Apologies for not thanking you at the time.