Filtering Key Commands

For the life of me, I don’t know why searching for a key commands in the “Edit Key Commands” window doesn’t work the way you’d expect- that searching filters the list, hiding everything that doesn’t match what you’ve typed. In much the same way that, for example, searching on Google, the more you type it filters out things that don’t match from Autocomplete.

Would love to see this updated in a future version of Cubase.

In the meantime, though- I’m thinking it’d still be really useful if there were a web page that worked this same way- so at least you could quickly filter and scan to find the command you’re looking for, and enter that in Cubase. Does anyone know if such a tool exists?

As an aside- if this doesn’t exist, I think I might find it worthwhile to create just such a page myself. But to do this, I’d need to find or extract the list of all the key commands in Cubase that matches what’s in the Key Commands window. Would anyone know how I’d get at this?

The Key commands window is one of the remains of SX days… it will one day get a make over like other components have, and I am pretty sure it will include an incremental search similar to the plugin selector windows and others. Just when that will happen, no one except Steinberg knows…

I have written a HTML app that can take your Key commands.xml and convert it to html tables.

Feel free to modify it so that it includes an incremental search field and make a pull request :wink:


Wow, that’s great! And I didn’t realize Key Commands are already in an XML file, so that helps a ton. I reckon I’ll do something with this.