Filtering Midi Channels

I have an Akai MPK49 and a studio logic VMK 76 keyboards. Both keyboards are able to transmit on 16 channels. I have both keyboards ( and a set of drums and foot controller) plugged into a 4 input midi merger device that goes into a Native Instruments Audio Interface and laptop.
Here is the problem. This works fine on other DAWS but I cant get it to work on Cubase Artist 6.5. No matter what channel the instruments are on, Cubase seems to combine all the data on input. I would like to apply a midi filter so that channel 10 goes to my drum track, channel 3 is piano etc.
Is there any way to do this in cubase? If you could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.


As mentioned many times here on the forums:
“The input transformer” - info in the manual…

Did you check out the ‘Input Transformer’ functionality and the Transformer MIDI effect? If not, see reference below.

Check out the chapter “The Logical Editor, Transformer, and Input Transformer” in the Operation Manual on page 440.

Thanks very much! I’ll give it a try.

Cubase seems to combine all the data on input

That’s what it does when you set midi input as “All midi inputs” on any given track/channel.
That help? I’m still thinking.

Basically have it working thanks to the midi filter option as you suggested. Thanks again.