Filtering multiple voices

Is there anyway to filter a score that has mutiple voices so you can see/workwith only one voice? for instance, Finale has a very simple drop down menu at the bottom of the workspace that allows you to select a specific voice


If by “voice” you mean instrument/part/stave, then yes you can use instrument filters.

If you mean voice as in notes with a particular stem direction that share a staff with other notes in other voices, then I don’t think so. Although you can focus only on notes in a particular voice in the key editor.

Hi Lille, thanks so much for taking the time to respond and for you attention to detail.

When I started to focus on working with voices, the same question presented itself as to how Dorico defines instruments versus voices (in a nonvocal sense). Upon deeper exploration, I was able to clarify that I was not looking to filter instruments or players (opt one) but looking for how to filter parts and scores by a given voice and work just with this voice whether at the bar level or “globally” with scores.(opt two of your response) But from your response, it appears that this isn’t possible (yet)

thanks again for your help

Dorico doesn’t have a way to hide/show voices like Finale layers. But you can show voice colors.

Also when you select a single note, its voice is shown in the status bar at the bottom.

Hi Mark, thanks so much for your response. regarding finale, I didn’t quite remember the functionality properly but your reference to layers not voices jogged my memory. thanks for that.

I want Just to make sure we are talking about Dorico for Ipad and not Dorico Pro. with DIP, there is no status bar. There is a lower zone but selecting a note doesnt show current voice there

I was afraid of that. I saw a screenshot here in the iPad 1.2 User Guide that looked suspiciously desktop-like, and didn’t question it.

Indeed, I’ve not got round to updating every screenshot in the manual on the iPad, but it’s on the list (and I think this one may even have already been updated in-house).

Hi, right , I noticed, when I first got ipad version, that much of the content included in the support files felt like they had been “cut and pasted” from pro files. i imagine it is a daunting task to put the manuals together and I appreciate the hard work

thanks for your efforts in this. By the way, would you happen to know how to get a list of the fixes and additions that were included in the recent 2.1 update? I created a post regarding this but did not receive any responses


Yes, you did :smiley:

Whoops, I just saw your post. I got side tracked with a other post i made regarding voice filtering.

thanks for your help