Filtering options

Hey there !

I was wondering, is there an efficient way to filter notes that have specific markings, for instance what I want to do is change the noteheads of all the notes I’ve selected that have an accent, is that possible to filter the selected notes to only display the ones that have an accent ?

Thanks !

No, you can’t filter notes by articulation.

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that’s what I figured, well maybe it could be an idea for future features for filters then :slight_smile:


Well articulated.

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But what we can do is Copy a passage and Edit > Paste Special > Paste Articulations.

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Although I know about this feature, I’ve never used it. I can’t check right now but if you paste articulations does it then cause the newly articulated notes to be highlighted? My thought was you could just paste articulations over themselves.

No filtering, but if you want to find all notes with an accent, you could go into music symbols and change the size of the accent to enormous. Then you will easily find them but you would still have to change them one by one. Then reset the accent to normal size.

This might at least help you a bit in the tedious task…