Filtering out CC 7 from midi in

I just discovered that my keyboard controller sends out a bunch of messages to set CC 7 to 127 when I power it on (Surprised me, “why did that piano get so much louder?”) I’d like to filter out all CC 7 messages from my input and thought :question: I recalled that this was possible, but I can’t figure out where. I know in Preferences I can filter out all controller messages, but I don’t want to do that - just CC 7.

I think you’re gonna find that in Prefs > MIDI - MIDI Filters.

In the white box to the lower right, I think you can just add what you want in there - CC7 should be available in the choices menu box just above it.

Page 1073 of 1346 - [8 Pro Manual].


Allows you to prevent certain MIDI controller types from being recorded or thruput.
To filter out a controller type, select it from the list at the top of the section and click “Add”. It will appear in the list below.
To remove a controller type from the list (allow it to be recorded and thruput), select it in the lower list and click “Remove”.

You know so much more about Cubase than I do, but is this where the Midi Input filter on the channel inspector might be useful? I have not used this function in the program at all, but I think it might be able to filter out CC 7 at the input.

One of my instruments, Air Music’s Transfuser, likes to set the Master Pitch to -24 once in a while.


This is the way. But be aware, Cubase will filter CC7 from all MIDI Inputs. You cannot specify the filter for dedicated Device only.

Ok, thanks Martin - didn’t know that.

Thanks, that’s it. I can’t believe I literally looked right at this and didn’t see it.

Martin thanks for the clarification.

I had a similar issue with my keyboard sustain pedal sending a mute cc/muting tracks and the thread below helped.

The Generic Remote panel in (Device Set Up) allows you to assign/un-assign your master keyboard’s controls to any Cubase function.

No sweat Rodger.

And thanks reso.

Martin, the “input transformer” can be set to Local or Global, can’t that be used to filter any selected MIDI CC from an individual MIDI track’s MIDI input?

Hi Stephen,

The Operation manual says:
• Select Global (Input Transformer) to make Input Transformer settings that affect all MIDI inputs (and thereby all MIDI tracks).
• Select Local (Input Transformer) to make Input Transformer settings for this track only.

So if you want to filter out data locally only, you can use this Local Input Transformer. But even then, you have no way, how to filter CC7 from MIDI Device A, and pass CC7 from MIDI Device B to the same track. Do you know, what I mean?

Thanks, Martin. I think I follow what you’re saying. I’ll have to spend more time with the input transformer. I did work more on the Preferences for MIDI filtering. Cool feature. Take care.