Filtering question (specifically: 'Notes and chords'; 'immediate dynamics')

Hello all~

I am wondering if I’m missing something very obvious. For example, I’d like to select every pitch in a section and turn it into a natural harmonic via the options panel. Ticking the box for each note individually would take a long time. So, in a long span of music, I select all, then filter to select only ‘notes and chords’. However, when filtering ‘only notes and chords’, tuplets also get selected, and this means I cannot tick the box for harmonics without manually deselecting every tuplet bracket - again, super time consuming.

In a (perhaps?) similar problem, I want to select all the dynamics in a section and change them all from piano to forte, for example. I select everything, filter only the immediate dynamics (this selects all the dynamics, which are currently P). But pressing shift+D and ‘f’ for example, only changes two or three in the group, not the whole of the selection… Pressing enter, for example, does nothing. Isn’t there some easy way to do this?

What am I missing? Thank you!

  1. You could remove all the tuplets by setting the filter to deselect only and then clicking tuplets in the filter menu.

  2. When you say “only changes two or three in the group”, are they on different staves but the same rhythmic position? ie are they linked dynamics? Or, are they at different places in the project?

The best way to change all the p dynamics would be to make sure they are all selected and then Increase Dynamic Intensity to whatever you want. I can’t remember if the shortcut I have is default or custom but you can easily trigger this function from the Jump bar.

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Thanks for the input!