Final Barline in independent meter


In the following piece, I created an independent open meter for the violin, because I wanted to make use of individual repeat-barlines (and succeeded in doing so).
At some point I noticed, that the final barline for the violin was missing. I added it, all was good. Then I expanded the composition and noticed, that I would have two final barlines, one manually added, and the automatically created one. Deleting the manually added final barline resulted in having no barline for the violin again.

Here is a link to a gif, which I hope illustrates the problem in a simpler way:

Also, I attached the project file. (I didn’t reduce it, as I don’t know what might cause the problem)

It doesn’t bug me too much, I will just add a final barline a the end, but it is weird nonetheless… Maybe someone can tell me what I am doing wrong?
piesn o swicie bug (653 KB)

That’s a great-looking score, congratulations.

I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong: the automatic final barline will only appear on staves that have been using the global time signatures, and the lower staff is using local open meter. Hopefully it’s not too much of an encumbrance to add the final barline yourself at the end.

Wow thank you! I hope it will be looking even better once finished :slight_smile:

I understand. I was just surprised that the final barline shows after inserting a local final barline. Also, I forgot to mention that playback (naturally?) doesn’t stop at the end now automatically. I suppose it makes sense internally somehow, but still there is no more music. I don’t know if it can be addressed easily and quickly, it would be more user friendly for sure!