Final Barline Issue

I am trying to replace the final barline of an exercise sheet with a double barline but am unable to do so. I have carried out the following:

but it makes no difference. Any help is welcome. Thank you. The file is attached.
Arpeggios - Major (561.9 KB)

Try this. It worked for me.

Select the final barline.
Edit > Delete. This should turn it into a normal barline.
Select it again and apply the double barline

Beat me to it.


Ya gotta be quick!

Thanks guys. That worked!

I am not at Dorico to confirm this, but if memory serves correctly in Notation Options there is a final bar line option.

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I’d say that’s the accurate answer to the OP question. Beware that Notation options is flow dependant, so you need to make sure the accurate(s) Flow(s) is/are selected in the right panel of that options window before choosing the barline.

The OP’s file is still available on the thread. It only contains a single flow and the Notation Option is set correctly. There are no weird signposts but there is something weird about the last barline - it doesn’t seem to want to respect the notation option.

(Not that this is vitally important, but for your own information - the /v1/ in that URL indicates that the linked page is from the Version 1 manual, which has not been updated for some time. While there are certainly some parts of the manual that are virtually unchanged since v1, there are plenty more that have been updated and indeed new information added - if you’ve got the latest version of Dorico, I’d recommend using the v3.5 manual e.g. from here. Online searches do annoyingly often link to older - and therefore historically-more-clicked-on - pages, so the manuals team is looking into ways to make it even more obvious when you’ve landed on an older page, and a newer manual is available.)

Thanks Lillie