Final cut pro OMF import wrong time code location

we are running N5 on win7 64 bit with Blackmagic Intesity. in our post facilities we use Final Cut pro for video editing. when we get an OMF file from FCP to the sound rooms we open it using the import OMF option. in the import window we select all media and all audio tracks, and we choose to import it in absolute time in order to get the media in the right place. 01:00:00:00 as usualy. but the media and the tracks are allways imported to the begining of the timeline. i checked that the Final cut timeline is starting at 01:00:00:00 and it is. my time line in N5 is starting in 00:58:00:00.
when i choose to import the OMF to “time code position” all the clips are opened in the correct tracks but they are all in the start of the timeline and not in the right edited order. (i hope you understand me)
after i import the OMF, i checked in the pool and saw that the files are aiff and the original time is 00:00.

we have Pro tools 9 on one PC Win 7 64 bit, and when i import the same OMF file to PT9 it is open in the right TC. as edited by the video editor. this is the reason i suspected Nuendo.

i am sory for my English. i will try to explain my self better if you need.

thank you.


If you do not have a project open when you import the OMF, N5 will create a new project that doesn’t start at 0 TC.
It will just start the timeline a bit of time before the imported content. And that’s totally ok as long as the imported content is at the correct TC.
If I understood you correct it is?

Try this:
Start N5
Create a new project
Import the OMF, you will now have one hour of free space before the imported content.
Content placed at correct TC?

I do a lot of imports from FinalCut, and have very little problems.


thank you for your reply.

i open a blank project from a template i created. the project start at 00:58:00:00. i import the OMF to this project and i do not create a new one. the OMF media should placed at 01:00:00:00 but the media start at the begining of the timeline at 00:58:00:00. and if i place my playhead at 01:00:00:00 and tells nuendo to import the media to " time code position" the media from the OMF all imported to the start of the time line. it is like all the clips are snapped to to start of time line.
tommorrow i will post the pictures to let you understad it better.
can i send you the OMF for you to test it on your system? and can you send me your FCP OMFs for me to try here on my system.


You should use “absolute time” when importing.
Can you try with a new empty project, NOT using your template?
What’s the result then?

Maybe your template have a TC offset set in the project setup dialog (shift-s)


here are the pictures:

  1. importing the OMF from FCP to Nuendo without opening a project before importing.
    import omf to blank project.jpg
  2. Nuendo importing the OMF
  3. after import at absolute time. with project setup window.
    wrong TC absolute.jpg
    continue in next thread…
  1. after importing at “time code position”.
    wrong TC at tc pos.jpg
  2. Pro tools open the same OMF at the right TC.
    Pro tools 9 same OMF.jpg
    i think that this is a bug in Nuendo. i can send the omf for you to try on your N5 system.
    please steinberg team, resolve this for us.


I’m not in the front of Nuendo now to check, but I think if you have a template already open the importing OMF will go on the cursor position (and start with CH selected if exist). Try to put cursor at the 01:00:00:00 and import OMF with ABSOLUTE TIME select. Good luck!

I’m with Eyal, I have never had Nuendo 4.x or Nuendo 5.x open an OMF from FCP at the proper timecode position, I always have to grab the media and move it to the proper start time. John.

it is a bug, and it is fixed with the upcoming Nuendo update.

Best regards,


never mind…

Thank you!

Good news indeed.

thank you Thorsten Marx for your reply. it is great news for us.
can you tell us when should we expect this upcoming update?
thank you again


In the “Nuendo_5.1.1_version_history” document it specifically states:

“OMF: Wrong clip positions on import from Apple Final Cut Pro.”


  1. Was this a different error that was fixed, or is the document incorrect?
  2. When will the next update appear?

Hello?.. Is this thing on???>…

Considering that OMF/AAF import is essential for a POST daw I would have thought the powers that be would be on top of this and reassure the users asap.

What gives?

The bug has been Devtracked with an example OMF and a full description.
The problem occurs (only) when FCP has applied an offset to the project.
So, all is perfectly in place, except for the FCP offset.
Not that this makes it less of a buig though …


Ok, so is this a different bug from which was supposedly and reportedly fixed?

It looks like it that there were two issues, of which one masked the other one.
And only the the one was fixed.