Final Cut Pro XML Import?

Hi Developers…

Any chance you could look into support for the newly released XML Exports now available in Final Cut Pro 10.0.1

I’ve already been asked about it!!



That is a definite PITA, and no mistake.
Apple XML is a funny thing, and nothing close to Steinberg’s “Track Archive” XML.

Best hope is to write to AA Translator team, and petition them for a translation.


Yeah … as soon as I posted this I realized that there was never any direct import function for any of the FCP 7 XML formats. So there’s no rationale for adding this.Especially since Apple will likely change it on a whim.

Oh well.


In my world it should absolutely be interesting for Steinberg to implement this FCPx XML.
Blackmagic have it running in beta for their DaVinci Resolve.

AAtranslator team might also support it, but native support would be great.

I predict Final CUT X will be a common thing in the market in 1,5 years.


The number of FCP editors I know (myself included) who are abandoning the platform for greener pastures is immense. Unless there’s some MAJOR changes I predict it will be a serious hobbyist product only in 1.5 years (sooner, even!)

It’s Media Composer for me, and a lot of guys I know who already have the Adobe Creative Suite are just moving to Premiere Pro.

Anyway, staying somewhat on topic I think that what I would suggest is that this should be a low-priority task for Steinberg if anything, considering how much other stuff we need first…!