FInal Cut X to Cubase 7 Audio Editing XML Import

Below is a link to a video about exporting a movie as xml from Final Cut X to Logic X.

Is the same basic process just as simple for importing that same Final Cut X movie into Cubase 7 ?

Has anyone made a similar tutorial for preparing the Final Cut X for the easiest translation into Cubase 7 for working with editing the audio and mastering the final audio. (Don’t have Nuendo which is the flagship for this type of work, but thought Cubase 7 should be very comparable to Logic X in features, so hence the question).

In my case I have a 24 track recorded at the show on an Alesis ADAT 24 HD transferred and placed on a Cubase 7 arrange window which I’ve been working on. Now I’d like to import the most recent edit of the video to see how things look and synch. As well as experiment, etc.

Interesting article, and insight to the workflow between the two apps.

I doubt this is wholly possible with FCT/Cubase mind; the audio XML side might be ok (export/import process) but the video, may be another matter entirely… (I’m guessing; I don’t know…!)

Why not post over there at Nuendo forum too… ? You can do this now - see what they have to say…

Good luck

PS:- can you get access anyway, to a sample of the FCPXML, to try yourself…?