Final Hours: Boxing Day Sale. SWA Complete Cubase 6 $4.99

Hi folks,

Just thought I would pop in to let everybody know that we are into the final hours of our One Day Only Boxing Day Sale! All videos are only $4.99 or less!!!

This of course includes our SWA Complete Cubase 6

And our HALION 4 | In Depth

The sale ends at midnight tonight (Boxing Day) PST!


Says € 29.99 in my shopping cart though…

Luck, Arjan

Hej Chris

How does this work??

It say $29.99 when I click the link

  • Bo

Looks like you were too late, it worked for me last night.

Of course you guys had to reduce the price after i had paid a whopping $19 for the videos a few months ago (and i still didnt get a chance to see them…)
Anyway i got the Ozone and Mastering Videos for $0.99 each so thanks for that. :slight_smile:

I enjoyed the SWA series when I got it a while back, great help getting started with C6 (I’d been working with SX3 until then). Now I’ve got the ASK videos (Volumes 2 and 4) coming for a Christmas present. I used their SX3 series, found it was excellent - hopefully they’ve kept it up for C6 (the teasers on the web seem pretty good)!

Can’t wait! :smiley:

Ha! I spent $29.95 for my version - but hey, it’s always gratifying to see a fire sale on something you paid good money for!!! :laughing:

Ditto :smiling_imp: :laughing:

There’s a parable or something for that situation, I’m sure it would make me feel better if I could remember it!