Final note under slur playback

As stated here:

The final note under a slur sounds for 85% of it’s notated rhythm. This can sometimes produce really awkward playback. I can manage the sound by offsetting the ending of the note manually but is there any way to do this in a more general manner?

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You can change the default unslurred length, which is what the final note of a slur will use. See the Timing page of Playback Options.

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For your information, that link is to Dorico 2’s manual. The equivalent page for the latest version of Dorico (4.3.30) is here:

Hi, Pieter!

  1. What length would you expect? As Daniel said, 85% is just the default length that each and every regular note has. Do you want or need something different for “last note of a slur”?
  2. Do you have an example of this “really awkward playback”?

The playback problem I encountered was related to Noteperformer.
Arne has fixed the problem!


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