Finale Maestro shape-note issues

Hi all. I recently installed Finale Maestro for my notation project using the make music link in I found on the forums here. I discovered an issue with the way it uses shape notes on dorico. When using the 7-shape note head set, it appears to either substitute the 5th degree notehead that is not sized the same as the others in the set. I have tried removing and re-installing, updating the software, but it still does the same thing.

One thing I tried was removing all installed fonts that weren’t “Apple fonts” and installing only the Finale Maestro file and when using the shape notes, no notehead actually appears for the 5th degree. This made me think that this is an error with that notehead being missing from the file and that when the smaller notehead appears only when the bravura font is present and it seems to substitute that in place of it.

So, all this to ask if anyone else has had this issue, if this is a dorico issue or a file issue and if there’s something I can change setting wise to fix it.

Welcome to the forum, Coulter. Do you mean the regular, elliptical notehead? If so, that should be using the glyph U+E1B1 from the chosen music font. The one in Finale Maestro does look a little small: in this image, Bravura is on the left and Finale Maestro is on the right:

If the problem is indeed that you find it a bit small, then you could go to Library > Notehead Sets, choose the Scale Degree category, then edit noteShapeRoundBlack, which is the notehead used for that scale degree. You could either substitute that glyph for a different one, or you could scale it up a bit by increasing the X and Y scale values.

That was what I did. Before, I had tried to just scale the size of the notehead but by the time with width matched, it was crossing the staff lines.

So what I did do was substitute the entire notehead set so they were all the same size. The bravura shape note head wasn’t quite big enough. So I substituted each shape note head with its bravura equivalent. I was just curious if there was an easier way.

No, I think you’ve done it the best way available.