Finally got Cubase 7 running like C6, now onto C8

I was wondering with all the graphical and audio subsystem improvements (including tempo editing stability), will the next version improve on those obvious graphical issues such as icons for FX and Groups not being “vectorised”?

The UI of Cubase is very good but obviously needs greater refinement.

True the MixConsole was a vast improvement on the minimalist Cubase Mixer but why must we have to create “fake” FX sends or Group channels just to export mp3 files with custom names? This of course is not to mention the apparent discrepancy between bulk creation of group and FX channels.

Yes we have Tempo and Time Signature in the Project Page, both worthy features of a professional DAW but no project features such as tempo/sig in the Key/Drum editors, which is a real shame for a composer not to have.

Would there be a way to provide new editor types rather than the stock standard editor set that has existed for over 20+ years with minimal, incremental albeit helpful improvements?

Ok the Inspector panels have improved and we now have “Chord Editing” but you cannot move panels to the order you want on a PER SONG basis.

I am happy for comments here as I’d like to try and build an email for SB so that end user concerns are addressed since it seems in the seq 7 cycle that they (users) felt left out even if the end result is the same.

Shut up, Brains. Nobody missed you …

I’ve also noticed that characters such as lowercase “g” are not complete in Sends, so this is definately something that should be addressed in the next version one would think. This is not to mention of course the inability to drag and drop sends.

While I am on the subject of (FX) Sends, would there be any chance of naming an FX channel prior to its’ creation or is it too much to ask the developers, since it doesn’t seem to matter what order they (FX sends) exist in the track list, it is the order in which they are created that matters to sends themselves at least.

Also regarding the inspector, it would be better if the “panes” automatically opened and closed depending on available space at the lower end of the screen or thiis occured this by default so that in the case of an Instrument Track, the assignment section disappears when you are wanting to view routing, even though of course you must go to the mixer anyway for instrument tracks; this would be proper behavior if a future version of Cubase allows routing of (instrument) tracks.

One thing which is good though about VST/Group and FX tracks, is the containing folder is always rememberd, this is new functionality and is very welcome.

ahahhahaha yes run as cubase 6 not as cubase 6.5.5, that’s true… for me is still unusable, c’mon steiny start to hire some osx programmers… still on osx translator? :slight_smile:

What are you currently using?