Finally! Move Cycle Locators to next part - How To

hi all,

i have been asking how to do this on this forum for several years. no-one has figured out how to do this, and there is no Key Command in Cubase to “Move Cycle Locators to next part”. It is a big part of my workflow as i like to build up tracks by adding many tracks to one looped 32 beat section, building up my track with many layers, then moving to the next 32 beat section and adding more tracks and sounds and loops. Its clunky currently to keep moving the cycle locators around. heres how to jump the locators around to the right and left with one key!

create macro called “Move Cycle Locators to Next Part”
1:/ Transport - To Right Locator
2:/ Transport - Set Left Locator
3:/ Locate Next Event
4:/ Set Right Locator
5:/ Transport - Locate Previous Event

create macro called “Move Cycle Loctators to Previous Part”
1:/ Transport - To Left Locator
2:/ Transport - Set Right Locator
3:/ Transport - Locate Previous Event
4:/ Transport - Set Left Locator

then go to the “Macros” section of the Key commands, find your two new commands and assign them to a key. i have assigned them to < and > keys (to the right of n and m on the keyboard) so i just tap the arrow left or right, and my cycle locators jump over!

The great thing about this macro is that if you are working on a 16 beat part that is looping, the macro will jump the locators across to the next 16 beats. but if you are working on a 32 beat loop, it will jump to the next 32 beat loop! awsome!


It’s even easier than that. Macro Right Arrow to select next event and P to set Locators To Part.

two keystrokes are easier than one single keystroke?

sorry. theres no “select next event” key command. (i wish there was it would have made things a lot easier a long time ago for me)

and the right-arrow for me MOVES the selected part to the right.

There is a Navigate Right command, are you using a custom KC set? Regardless, I use the Macro I outlined all the time.

youre right…there is a Navigate Right! thats cool, so yes you could do it that way too. I spent ages looking for a “select next part” but it seems it was hidden as Navigate Right.

I dont think i use a custom KC set. by default the arrows move parts that are selected around for me…up and down, left and right.

cubase really should have a key command for this built-in. but nonetheless im happy i can do it now! Cheers mashed. its handy eh!@

i think i jumped the gun considerably with this unfortunately, as whats described above doesnt work when you are in the Key Editor. all goes screwy…it selects only the next NOTE and then tries to cycle around that…damn.

a “Move Cycle Locators one bar to the right” function would really be handy…any ideas how to accomplish this in a macro?


Why would you use a macro?
I assigned Nudge-Loop Range Left to Ctrl-Alt-< and Nudge-Loop Range Right to Ctrl-Alt-> (On my keyboard <, > (Shift-<) and \ (AltGr-<) is on the same key) so Loop Range Left is really assigned to Ctrl-Alt-\ and Loop Range Right is really assigned to Ctrl-AltGr-Shift-<. And Cubase doesn’t seem to distinguish between Alt and AltGr in this connection.

I use the key commands all the time but find them a bit awkward when I have to move the Cycle Locators a long distance.

Next time I will try to remember the P key command!

Kind regards

problem is still that cubase only “nudges loop range” the distance of the quantise factor. so if you are editing in 32nds in the key editor in midi, dropping on drum sounds and you hit “nudge loop range right” and you have to hit it 32 times to get to the next bar. so boring…why is “Nudge Loop Range” tied to the quantise value? why cant it have its own value…ideally locked to jumping one bar at a time? ppfft this is not thought out completely this function by Steinberg. i hope they address it

I moved the left and right locator stuff from numpad [1] & [2] to the [home] & [end] keys, so I have numpad [1]-[9] keys set up for cycle markers which suits me better than regular markers. Its a one hand deal with the thumb on the right pair of [CTRL] and/or[SHIFT] keys. If that makes sense? :slight_smile:

Thanks man thats great :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


PS.: figured out the macro from first post work only when Marker Track is selected!!!