finally up and runnin after 8 hours--needed windows hotfix

Finally got my two new MR816s running perfectly daisy chained after about 8 hours of trying everything I could think of to get em working correctly. After restoring windows to previous states–reinstalling and uninstalling the old and new mr tools/drivers several times—of course it ended up being an issue with good ole Windows SP3. I could not get any playback from the computer and it ended up being a windows firewire hotfix that needed to be installed before installing any of the MR816 drivers…OF COURSE—(anybody runs into this issue–here’s the windows hotfix you’ll need After I installed this hotfix and the steinberg software again–everything worked perfect.

That being said—I thank Steinberg for making such a great unit–right now I’m listening to some YES Symphonic with my yahama hs80m monitors hooked up and it sounds spectacular…also just started recording a few instruments and vocals and the preamps and converters do sound great. I’m very glad I picked these units over the many others…

congrats. have fun and good music with it :slight_smile: