Finally upgraded to Groove Agent 5 from GA 5 SE

It’s pretty amazing what’s in here. It’s a lot bigger amount of stuff in here, than I thought it was.

Any tips or lesser known Groove Agent features that you love?

So far I’m amazed at the multi-agent nature of GA5, and loving mixing percussion agent, beat agent, and acoustic agent.

The UI is confusing, as always, but this thing is powerful and full of amazing sounds.

Yes I liked it enough to buy a bunch of expansions (great value when they were in a seasonal sale).

I’m a little disappointed at the lack of traffic in this specific forum. I was hoping for an answer to what should be a trivial question. On other forums I would have been sorted by now.

Other than that, as you say it isn’t especially intuitive and if you leave it for a while and forget some of the operations it’s like working out a computer game challenge.

But the patterns and sounds are amazing. I bought a used Maschine 3 that I programmed (from a YouTube video) to play patterns and fills. I have yet to make a pattern.

checkout the oneman and his music channel. good tuts.