Find a symbol in the SMufl list

Is there a way to quickly find a needed Bravura symbol in the very long SmuFL list of categories in the Music Symbol editor?

Specifically, I am trying to find the Bravura piano brace to replace the Maestro one (since I am using Maestro as my default music font).

Thank you.

It’s the very top category, Staff Brackets & Dividers. The naming of the categories matches the SMuFL site, so I often end up looking there first to know what range of glyphs I need to be looking for.

Select Unicode, type F+0000 in “From” filed to get the whole range of the SMuFL code points.

CleanShot 2022-07-29 at 07.51.10@2x

Now you can see all glyphs.

:bulb: By the way you can use the brace from Helsinki Special or Opus Special fonts. (the fonts that comes with Sibelius)

Thanks FredGUnn. Oh boy, the very first glyph in the very first category! which is where I looked first, but it is so small and indistinct that I somehow missed it.

Thanks NorFonts, its great to see all the glyphs like that, however overwhelming. I tried to find the brace in the two fonts you mentioned without success. I find it strange to be trying to decide whether a brace is Basic Latin or whatever and lose patience looking at every single glyph in a long series to find something. There must be a better way and if there isn’t there should be.

Incidentally, I find Edit Music Symbol slightly counterintuitive on first sight even after several previous 30-day trials. One sees a symbol in front of one and then next to it what looks like its Font and Style. There is no clue that the symbol shown is the one from the default music font and what is next to it is what one can add to the symbol. A simple explanatory title above each would be helpful.