Find/Change tempo of recorded audio file

**Hello all! **

Is there a way to align the hitpoint of a recorded audiotrack, to my desired tempo?

I`ve tried “Tempo detection” and "Set definition from tempo" but it does not work. Tried to quantize too, but did not give any results.

Is´s a vocal and guitar track (one track) and I want to give it a steady tempo. Is this doable in Cubase 11 Pro or is the only option to re-record?

Thanks for any replies!


The “Tempo detection” adapts the project tempo from the Audio Event/MIDI Part.

Have you tried to use the Musical Mode on the Audio Event?


Thanks for the reply!

Selected the track and chose “Musical Mode” and it plays off “rrreeeeaaallly sloooowlyyy”.

What is the steps after I´ve imported the audio-track?

Feels like Im not quite getting it right.

I want to move the hit point to the beat, without moving any other hitpoints. As you can see the hitpoints is all over the place all of a sudden. Even after quantizing.

Ok! I figured it out!

It worked by using “Audio Warp” and “Free Warp” and move the hitpoints around.


Since I´ve moved everything to the right, to time it, the rest gets squeezed in the end and played way to fast, and now the audio-event is out of space.

Is there a way to make the audiopart larger? Tried to drag in the lower right corned, but it could not be done.