Find clip in N13

When Project browser was droped out,
how have I to find audio clip with description “best take”, which was descripted during recording ?

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I know you can search for file names in the pool but I’m not sure if you can search by description. It would be wonderful if we could though. It would also be great if we could search for missing files in the pool so we know what to replace when things go wrong.

You can mark multiple clips and then call the function “Rename events from list”. Then you will see all clips and their descriptions in a column.
If the clip is included, you can narrow your search.
Unfortunately there is no other solution to search for descriptions. I would also like to have another solution.

Dropping the Browser was a really, really bad idea. I for one will try to stick with NU12 for as long as possible, therefore.

Unfortunately, if steinberg will keep this direction of development, next dropped parameter will clip name.
It is also parameter which uses just few users.