find event in pool


I wonder if there is a way to locate a file in the pool directly from an event in the project window?

Shift right click on the audio event - the menu will have an entry to locate the selection in the pool.

Please note the structure of audio recordings in cubase. An audio event is NOT the clip, it is just a reference to a part of an audio clip.
See manual to understand the structure of recorded/imported audio in cubase.

it’s not on my menu when I shift right click?

It used to be a default key command, Ctrl+F (Audio > Find Selected in Pool).

ATl/Option+Right Click, Find Selected in Pool

or go up top and select Audio then Find Selected in Pool

Ctrl+F is no longer the default key command for that but you can use any unassigned key you like for it

You might be right clicking on an audio part instead of the event.

I suspected that it was not the default key command anymore :wink:

thanks everybody Ctrl+F worked:)