Find maximum volume in audio file using WaveLab Elements 11.1?

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I am looking for a software, which is able to find all positions where the “volume” within an audio file exceeds a specific level (which can be configured) and generate a “report” or a list of time stamps of these positions.
Can this be done with WaveLab Elements 11.1?
If so, which type of audio file must be used?
MP3, WAV or something else?

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There is not exactly what you look for.
However, WaveLab Elements has a function called “Global Analysis”, that allows one to find hot spots such as the part of an audio file (wav, mp3, …) that are the loudest. Then you can set markers at these positions. But one audio channel at a time.
WaveLab Pro, unlike WaveLab Elements, allows exporting the markers as a text list.

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Thanks a lot!