Find similarity in 2 audio files Spectralayer

Hey Guys,

I was wondering how I can find similarity’s with 2 audio files? Is there also a way to get like a percentage saying, this is for 98% similar?


[quote=“Charlie123, post:1, topic:879374”]I
was wondering how I can find similarity’s with 2 audio files

Copy and paste the 2 files by splicing them together and then use select similar.

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So I make sure the 2 files are right under each other. I did the similar tool, but nothing really happend

If you SPLICED the 2 files together and you find nothing similar then there is nothing similar.

Im sorry, but where Is the splice tool? I come from Logic, so everything is really new to me!

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I don’t think there is one. The word “splice” is nowhere in the Spectralayers manual. I am as confused as you, if it is any consolation.
Have you seen this video?

splicing meaning to cut and paste from one section from one layer to another. For example (in electrical terminology), if you have two separate wires and you wanted to fuse the both (in order for electrical current to flow) then you would splice them together. Merging(although similar in terminology) wouldn’t be the proper terminology here because that would imply that you’re combining the entirety of something into something else as a whole (for example merging two layers into one within spectralayers).

For further example, you have a word called “automation” and another word called “modulation”. Although both words meaning pretty much the same thing, one word implicates a much deeper meaning and wouldn’t be appropriate for certain scenarios while the other word is much more vast and general.

So are you suggesting that Charlie needs to do a “merge up” or other similar option to put all the content on one layer?

I may be misinterpreting here, but it sounds to me like Charlie was looking for a way to identify similar patterns in different files, more at the macro level, like many video editors do to allow you to time-align videos based on the audio track. It seems to me that the “find similar” feature in SL is really for micro-level similarities, such as a hand clap.