Find track crash


For yesterday, my template systematically crashes when using the find track function, wether if I deactivate all 3rd party plugin or not.

Does anyone have an idea what might cause the issue ?

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cubase 13 (opened with roseta)
MacOS 14.1.2 (23B92)

i have no idea what happened but the problem is now gone for now… :man_shrugging:
edit: problem is back :confused:


Could you attach the *.ips file anyway, please?

Mac: macOS Console utility > Crash Reports (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).

Cubase 13-2024-01-02-154019.ips (152.1 KB)

Hello @Martin.Jirsak
The problem is back again :confused: Here’s the crash report.
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Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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Same, consistent crash.

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Attach the *.ips/dmp file, please.

Hello Martin,
Is there anything we can do to accelerate the support request ?
I’m in the middle of two movies and this issue is a real workflow killer.
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It’s not in the support hands. It’s in the developer’s hands. He has to fix the bug.

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So, after 5 months of fighting with this bug and many many trials and error, I manage to figure out what’s causing the problem thought I can’t explain why it crashes.

Today, using the find track function systematically crashed after automating the EQ of an instrument track.
I noticed if I delete the automation lanes of that track, the crash doesn’t appear.

Here are the automation lanes:

I tried to identify which one of thoses automation lane is causing the issue but it seems like it’s a certain combination of those lanes that cause the crash. (I didn’t try all the combination to figure out which exactly)

Does anyone know anything about automation lanes causing cubase to crash ?
Any recommandation?

PS: here is a pic of my EQ just in case. Again, the plugins are not causing the issue.



As far as I know, so far all your crases looked different everytime.

Does it mean, this is one clearly (and always) reproducible crash on your side? Can you describe the steps and attach the linked *.ips fie, please?

Just making sure you are referring to the ‘search’ crash? meaning the crash happens when you search a track, but also in the automation scenario you presented here?


all your crases looked different everytime.

all your crases looked different everytime.

Every post I create when I’m having a crash are different, yes ,the one of this post however is reproducible and happens after findtracking an instrument track.

Here are a couple of crash files frome the other day when I was trying to identify the origin of the problem.

Cubase 13-2024-05-06-113644.ips (160.0 KB)
Cubase 13-2024-05-06-113254.ips (187.1 KB)
Cubase 13-2024-05-06-112554.ips (161.5 KB)
Cubase 13-2024-05-06-112223.ips (158.0 KB)
Cubase 13-2024-05-06-112019.ips (162.2 KB)


I’m talking about the find track function


Sorry, I don’t understand. Where is the Search function involved in your description?

Sorry, for the confusion I meant findtracking AFTER automating the EQ causes the crash. (I just edited the post)

Find track causes crash in C13.0.30.

It’s been happening since the previous update too.

Very, very, very, very, very, annoying.

I just want to be able to Find a track.

Did you try to delete all the automation lanes of your project to see if it’s related, like it is on my case?

I did not. And would not want to do that because I’d lose the automation on the project.

I’ll test it on an empty project.

This definitely happens without automation.
Any help from Steinberg on this?? With every update this seems to stay intact.

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