Finding embedded ISRC codes in Wav Files

My Boss at the company I do most of my work for has asked me if I can see ISRC codes embedded in wav master files they get from other labels. I know I can embed a wav file using wavelab but I wonder if I can detect and ISRC code in a wav file as well?


If the codes are embedded in a xml chunk, then
yes you can, by opening the metadata editor.

Where Would I find that metadata Editor. I don’t see it in the manual

Open the WAV file in the audio edit side of WaveLab. Find the Meta-Data tab. With my layout, it’s in the upper right section with the meters but I can’t remember if I moved it there or if that’s default.

That tab will show you any metadata that exists, or allow you to edit the metadata if needed.

See the picture attached:

2015-08-05 23_18_47.png