Finding jazz drums for Cubasis

I am beginning my foray into recording with some Roland V-Drums (TD-15) and Cubasis 3 on my iPad Air 2. Just downloaded Cubasis 3 last night.

Job one: where can I find some reasonably-priced and convincing jazz drum sounds that I can import into Cubasis and trigger from my V-Drums? The Roland brain doesn’t have anything that sounds like legit bop or legit big band, and it does not allow me to import samples. So, I will need to find samples I can import into Cubasis 3 on my iPad. Ideally, it would be nice to do this on my iPad without the need of a computer.


You should join the iPad & IOS music production group on Facebook. It’s has thousands of members that pretty good with answering questions. Especially for Cubasis 3 too

Hi recordngnoob,

Thank you for your message.

Cubasis comes with many drum kits which you can find and review here (using the “Autoplay” button):

  • Media/Instruments/Microsonic (here, scroll down the list until you see the AM drum entries)
  • Media/Instruments/MiniSampler/Factory Presets

Triggering these kits via your drum set might not provide enough diversity, to express yourself dynamic-wise.
If this is the case, you might look for a dedicated 3rd party drum instrument app, which is capable to be loaded in Cubasis as an Audio Unit app.

Alongside, I suggest to visit the Audiobus forum too, to share your thoughts with this great community as well.

Hope that helps.


I’ve found a great solution with Virsyn Audiolayer as auv3 plugin and drum multisample libraries from Drum Drops:
DD have multisample packs that come with patches for all popular samplers, including SFZ and EXS formats. I have successfully imported the SFZ patches and samples into Audiolayer and used them in C3.
Now, if Audiolayer and Cubasis get support multi output auv3, that would be the perfect solution. But for now I am using the individual snare, hats, kick etc patches from the imported SFZs in multiple auv3 instances and arming and triggering them at the same time with an external midi controller.